The accurate and correct legal consultancy for drafting the case is the indispensable part of the triumphant case. Thus, it is essential to know whether the case is fit for suing or not. We offer advices, enquiry and consultation on all our practicing areas which covers matrimonial laws, succession and rent law, civil, corporate and business laws. Iqbal International Law Services® provide genuinely analysis of each particular case on its claiming and defendants aspects before going into court of law. We review and give entire consultation with winning percentages & weakness and high depth of law involvement. The aim of our consultancy services for our local and foreign clients is to give analysis their case in high-depth with high quality services reaching any outcome before suing. Iqbal International Law Services® provide basic and introductory unlimited enquiry and consultation to individuals and business companies free of cost but if you want get written any advice with related laws and latest higher court’s rulings then you have to pay very little cost to meet our expenses. After brief analysis of the case we send legal notice on behalf of our clients with a minimum involvement on behalf of our clients and saving them financially. This is FREE service of M/S Iqbal International Law Services. Iqbal International Law Services® Provide massive range of consultancy on Civil, Family, Succession, Rent, Property, Appeals, Constitutions Petitions, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property field of Law to esteemed clients and other general Public in Pakistan and All over the round absolute FREE. We are present round the Clock for any kind of Legal Consultancy with interactive chat on mobile calls, sending email, and other electronic media as well as voice and video links. Your Email Response is guaranteed within 30 minutes to six hours due to time difference. We charge only on Legal Support while defending or claiming your right in the court of law. While our rudimentary and introductory consultancy is free. Anyone can reach us by sending web form on our website, through online chat software, Skype call, or through on our given email.
The drafting is one of the most important tools of the legal profession. The superior writing skills are an imperative part of the profession and are essential to success. Words are used to advocate, inform, persuade and instruct. Legal documents require the special legal phrases, jargon, maxim and legal terminology. Every word which is used should contribute to your absolute message by using concise and action words, omitting the extraneous words, shorten complex sentences, eliminate redundancies and keeping it simple. The drafter should have excellent knowledge of English Grammar and as well as Legal English. The document must be logically clear and concise and to avoid grammatical and lexical errors with respect to the style of a legal text. At the end editing of the writing ruthlessly is necessary by omitting unnecessary words and proof reading is very much important otherwise opposite lawyer or client can undermine the credibility and you can be defeated. Our Basic drafting services are free of charge. You can download notices, agreements and deed free of charge. Iqbal International Law Services ® provide standard legal drafting services to our valuable clients on every topic and subject for the drafting of local to international agreements, contracts and assignments. This service is provided from individual to any partnership and companies for the drafting of business settlement, account settlement, Lending the money, Partnership, Agency formations, contracts, Agreements, sale of land, plot, machinery and goods agreements, we also draft the all kind of negotiable instruments like promissory note and Bill of exchange etc. All kinds of Power of attorneys, All agreements, indemnities and guarantees, Bonds, All kind of Deeds and Releases, partitions Gifts, Trust, Mortgages, Deeds and Leases. For individuals we provide the rent agreements, Power of Attorney, Sale Deeds. We also draft the matrimonial agreements like kabin name, marriage settlement, Marriage terms and Conditions, Maintenance documents, Dower and Dowry documents, Divorce Documents. Apart from the Deeds and agreements we also provide Notice drafting services for example notice of demand, notice for possession, notice for damages, Notice to creditor, notice requiring abatement and notice for dishonor of cheque etc.
We fight for the right of our appreciated clients in the court with aggression and full law preparation. This is our other service for our esteemed clients is appearing in the court for claiming and defending their constitutional rights and to peruse, precede the court matters from Lower/District courts to High Courts in Pakistan, including special courts, Banking Court etc. We act as Lawyers, solicitors, Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Consultants on behalf of our clients in High Courts of Pakistan, District Courts, Family, Rent Controller and Civil and Appellant Court. We charge very competitive and cost-effective fee from our clients in respect of case appearing in the court. We provide court litigation service in all major city of Pakistan with the assistance of our enthusiastic law associates throughout Pakistan particularly in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. We apprise our clients regularly and in time about their case progress about daily proceeding in the courts through their given email, fax or through phone calls or other electronic media, In Court Lawsuit the first step is case drafting or written statement/reply drafting which is very much significant because it is the stair on which case is stands. We especially hard work on drafting and then appearing and lastly evidence and arguments in the court. Our main goal is to get and to defend our clients benefit and right through proper and legal way. We are dyed in the wool lawyers and our commitment is our Moto to provide ceaseless services and to gain obligatory right of our clients within limited time. We consider and treat with our client as they are our assets and their conquest is our survival, recognition and prominence. Therefore we represent our clients with aggressively, full preparation and research of law in the court.
Iqbal International Law services® is a leader in Mediation service in the field of professional conflict resolution, offering innovative, cost-effective methods to settle disputes out of the court where Iqbal International Law Services® offers full service of arbitration and mediation through a panel of qualified and experienced neutrals . Arbitration and mediation are the two main types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). However, they are quite different in methodology and result. In arbitration, a neutral third party (arbitrator) who is appointed under Arbitration Act to determines the issues and outcome of the case. Arbitration is initiated generally when the parties’ contract mandates arbitration in resolving disputes or alternatively the parties may voluntarily choose arbitration over litigation to benefit from the advantages of arbitration. The arbitrator’s decision is final and binding on the parties by law. In mediation, a neutral mediator evaluates the issues with the parties and tries to facilitate a settlement agreement that is mutually acceptable. Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not render a decision the case. Mediation, as used in law, is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties with concrete effects. Typically, a third party, the mediator assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. Disputants may mediate disputes in a variety of domains, such as commercial, legal, diplomatic, workplace, community and family matters in a less time which may be days or even in hours. Iqbal International Law Services® also represent you before Karachi Center for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) for mediation and arbitration those cases which are sent by the court or sent by the opposite party.

Legal Translation in any language is not simple and easy then other translations. It is a field of law. Only law professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate the legal document in respective language. The mistranslation can be caused of loose the money and sometime could lead to lawsuits. Apart from the terminology lacunae or lexical gap, the translator may focus on the textual conventions, and variety of different principles defined as different approaches to translation in translation theory. There is confusion between the names of some of the translation standards used in legal practice. Not many lawyers and judges are familiar with the terminology used in Translation Theory. Iqbal International Law Services® provide the translation services in all world major languages officially. We provide the services for the translations of the documents like Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and other documents and as well as court orders, Judgments and Decree in to the following language of the world:-

  1. Arabic  2) French  3) Dutch  4) German  5) Spanish  6) Italian  7) Russian  8) Hindi  9) Chinese  10) Turkish  11) English  12) Urdu

We also provide the service from the translation of the documents from the above world languages to Urdu or English language with legal and authorize attestation and notarization.

A certified copy mean the court attested copy which is obtain through the legal process of certification of original documents which are already filed in the court in any case. In Pakistan only concern person/party of the case can obtain these kinds of copies. However these copies can be obtained through Lawyer/practicing advocate within the Pakistan on filing their Authorize letter/vakalatnama and after payment of cost the documents are certified and issued which are accepted as original in any court of law or department. The service of Certified copies for overseas Pakistani and as well as for foreigner or those Pakistani who live anywhere in Pakistan or outside Pakistan in any part of the world require the certified copies of any document from the court, any judgment, Decree, order in any case/suit from the court/judicial file/record. We provide this service and obtain the certified copies officially through proper court procedure after payment of the cost from any court. For saving the time and money of our clients we appear in the concern courts on our valuable clients and with proper legal procedure by filing application along with clients authorize letter/vakalatnama on our client behalf and apply for the certified documents, order, decree, judgment the after obtaining we send them through safe courier service.
A form of legal process that commands the defendant to appear before the court on a specific day and to answer the complaint made by the plaintiff. Legally, a summons (also known in England and Wales as a claim form, New South Wales as Court Attendance Notice (CAN)) is a legal document issued by a court. While Several U.S. states expressly require summonses to be drafted in plain English and that they must start with this phrase:"Notice! You have been sued". UK and USA court empowers a Pakistani lawyer to service upon the defendant/Respondent as per their procedure by submitting an affidavit of services. In USA law ( Rule 4(f)(2)(C)(i) FRCvP ) If personal service is desired in countries which are not party to the Hague Service Convention, (Note Pakistan is not the party of Hague Service Convention) the most expeditious method may be to retain the services of a local foreign attorney or process server. Rule 4(f)(2)(C) provides for personal service unless prohibited by the laws of the foreign country. The attorney (or agent) can execute an affidavit of service at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, or before a local foreign notary which can be authenticated, either with an apostle for countries party to the Hague Legalization Convention, or by a U.S. consular officer at a U.S. Embassy abroad. Iqbal International Law Services® provide the services of the Notices and summons of the foreign court of UK and USA for the service upon the defendants/ Respondents who are currently residing in Pakistan in the matter of civil and family. We acts as process server for personally service upon the defendant along with the case petitions and other documents in any part of Pakistan. We don’t accept the criminal case summons. We accept only the summons of civil and family matters and complete the procedure as prescribed in USA and UK laws for the service upon the foreign country defendants. The personal service is made on proper identification through Identity card, picture or signature. Thereafter an affidavit of service is sworn before the Notary Public or before consulate of respective country.