Punishment in Islam

In Islam there are three kinds of punishments which are as under:-

(1) Hadd

The hadd is a punishment the limits of which have been defined by the holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Thus zina Qazaf, Irtidad, Khamr, Sirqa and Qat’al-Tariq the Hadd is presceived.
• Punishment for zina by unmarried male and female is one hundred stripes and for married stoning to death.
• For qazaf it is eighty stripes.
• For Irtidad it is death
• For khamr it is eighty stripes.
• For Sariqa amputation of hand
• For Qat’al-Tariq where there is robbery only, the lose of hand and feet and where there is robbery with murder then death either by sword or crucifixation.

(2) Qisas

Qisas stand for life for life in a case of murder. It can be remitted by the person offended against or in case of a murdered person by his heirs. It applies to cases of murder and wounding.

(3) Ta’zir

Taz’ir is the punishment which is left to the discretion of the court in regard to the form and measure in which such punishment is to be inflicted. It is applicable to those crimes for which huddod and kafarah are not prescribed.

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