International Law of Marriage

A child acquires at birth a domicile of origin by operation of law namely if legitimate and born in his father’s lifetime, the domicile of his father is illegitimate or born after his father’s death, the domicile of his mother. A foundling is domiciled in the country where he is found. If a child is born illegitimate, but is later legitimated his father’s domicile will be communicated to him from the date of legitimating but it is probable that his domicile or origin remains that of his mother, presuming that at his birth his parents were domiciled in different countries.

The domicile of husband is communicated to his wife immediately upon the solemnization of the marriage and according to English Law it is necessarily and inevitably retained by her for the duration of the covertures.
A divorce obtained in the country of the common domicile of the parties or recognized by the law of that country as effective, is binding upon the English Courts despite the fact that it was not granted by a judicial tribunal.

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