Importance of FIR (First Information Report)

The importance of the first information lies in several reason.

1. It is a statement made soon after the occurrence hence the memory of the informant is fresh.
2. It is unlikely that informant had opportunities of fabrication.
3. It is basis of the case.
4. It puts the police in action.
5. It represents the case set up by the informant at that time.

The value of the FIR will vary according as it is laid by the complaint or prosecutrix or eye-witnesses to the crime or a mere stranger used for the purpose of laying the information. Information recorded under section 154 Cr.P.C is a public document and a certified copy of it is admissible in evidence. The FIR has great value because it shown on what material the investigation commenced and what was the story then told.

The FIR is very valuable document and the accused entitled to know what was said before the officer in charge of the police station so that he may be in a position to protect his interests by cross-examination the prosecution witnesses with respect to any additions or alteration in the story of prosecution which may subsequently be made in evidence.
FIR is important document for being considered in connection with an occurrence. It gives first impression of prosecution case and if spontaneous and straightforward goes a long way in carrying conviction. Such document becomes valueless if drawn up by some person other than the proper informant. Where the FIR which related to charge of criminal conspiracy was drawn up by the police.

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