Frequently Asked Questions which are all supposed to be commonly pertaining to a particular topic are as under:-

No, landlord can’t evict the tenant only on the ground of the expiry of agreement.

Yes wife can dissolve her marriage if delegated powers have been given to her by the husband in the column 18 of the Nikahnama.

No, only one fourth can be bequeathed, as the legal heirs cannot be deprived from the whole inheritance property.

Yes of course, if a girl is adult, she is competent to contract her own marriage through her freewill in the court.

The minimum witnesses are two for the solemnizing the valid marriage.

Landlord can increase rent 10% only.

If any woman is not living in Pakistan, she can file her case through her authorized person.

Even husband oppose for the grant of Khulla, The family is competent to grant Khulla to the wife.

If landlord refuses to receive the rent, the tenant has to send through Money Order and then have to deposit in court of Rent Controller.

If police refuse to lodge the FIR, the complaint get FIR registered through the order of District & Session Judge.

No, pagree/ goodwill has no value in the eyes of law.

The mother can keep male child upto the age of 7 years and female child upto age of 12 years.

Khulla is type of divorce which is obtained by the wife from the court.

The minimum age for the female is 16 years and male 18 years for marriage.

In case of will, letter of probate will be applied and without will, the letter of administration is applied. For moveable property the succession certificate is applied.

GPOA is for general purpose including all things while the SPOA is only for one purpose.

Of course she can get divorce from the court on the different grounds given in section 2 of Divorce Act, 1939

Yes, wife can get khulla without any reasons only the ground of hatred.

Any aggrieved person or any person who see any crime can lodge the FIR.

Father is the natural guardian of the child.