Discontinuance of Supply of Electricity to Consumer

Under section 24 (Amendment) Electricity Act 1910 where any consumer neglect to pay any charge for energy to any sum other than a charge for energy assessed against him by a licensee in respect of supply of energy to his premises the licensee may after giving not less than seven clear days notice in writing to such consumer and without prejudice to his right recover such charge or other sum by suit or otherwise cut off the supply and for that purpose cut or disconnect any electric supply line or other works, being the property of the licensee through which 3engergy may be supplied to such premises or to any other premises other than domestic premises running distinctly in the name of such consumer and may discontinue the supply until such charge or other sum together with any expenses incurred by him in cutting off and reconnecting the supply and the minimum charges on account of continued reservation of supply during the period of such discontinuance are paid but not longer.

Where any difference or dispute as to any matter connected with any charges or other sum included in the bill of a licensee has been referred by a consumer under the electricity act 1910 to an electric inspector before the notice shall not exercise the power conferred by sub section 1 until the inspector has given his decision.

Dishonest abstraction or consumption of energy

Under section 26-A of Electricity Act 1910 if the consumer on the basis of one or more of the following considerations for the amount of energy deemed to have been dishonestly abstracted consumed or used for the period during which the meter maximum demand indicator or other measuring apparatus had in the opinion of the license remained disconnected injured altered or prevented from registering the amount of the energy supplied or the electrical quantity contained in the supply:
1. Consumer’s connected load or maximum demand in kilowatt during any period.
2. Consumer’s maximum consumption of energy in kilowatt hours during any period.
3. Consumer’s load factor
4. The power factor of consumer’s load
5. The hours and the time for which the energy is deemed to have been abstract3ed consumed or used by the consumer
6. The purpose for which the energy is deemed to have been abstracted consumed or used by the consumer

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