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Iqbal International Law Services® provide complete legal services on the civil matters which are relating to the individuals and companies. These are as under:-

  • Changing/Correction of the Name and Date of Birth
  • Permanent, Temporary and Perpetual Injunctions
  • Declaration of Title and any other documents
  • Restoration of amenity facility of the Tenant
  • Succession and Letter of Administration
  • Specific performances of agreements
  • Suit for Possession and Manse Profits
  • Recovery of Money and Damages
  • Cancellation of any Documents
  • Wills and probate declarations
  • Restoration of the service/job
  • All kinds of Writ petitions
  • Enhancement of the Rent
  • Miscellaneous Rent cases
  • Eviction of the Tenants
  • Constitution Petitions
  • Appeals and Revisions
  • Administration suits
  • Defamations Suits
  • Partition suit