Chinese Law of Marriage

According to Articles 27 of the Constitution of Prople Republic of China 1957 all citizens who have reached the age of sixteen have the right to vote and stand for election. With the exception of person deprived of these rights by law.
Citizen have the right to work and the right to education working people have the right to rest and the right to material assistance n old age and in case of illness or disability. Women enjoy equal rights with men in all aspects. The state protects marriage, the family and the mother and child. The state protect the just right and interest of overseas Chinese.

In china marriage is written statement in the proper form by which two spouses agree to divorce each other operates ipso facto as a dissolution of their marriage, through it may be registered if they so desire.
In the Chinese law adopted son has no right of inheritance. English law if causing no hardship can be applied. NO particular ceremony is essential for a valid marriage under the Chinese law.

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