Correction of CNIC by NADRA

Correction of NIC issued by NADRA

Section 9, 5(3) NADRA , rule 13 NADRA Rules, Article 199 of Constitution of Pakistan. Petitioner sought correction on his NIC on the ground that the name of his father had been incorrectly entered. NADRA refused to make the necessary correction on the ground that for a change in the father name a court order was necessary. NADRA to support such contention relied on its Regulations Policy and Standard Operating  Procedures… validity error was clearly a typographic mistake. .NADRA was required to be maintained and every citizen was issued a national identity card. CNIC was legal document for identification of citizen and its issuance meant that the information contained therein was valid and correct. Delay in filing an application for correction of an office mistake could not hamper or prevent the process of actually correcting the NADRA database. Petition was allowed.

2012 PLD 378 Lahore