Correction of Name in NADRA

PLJ      2012     Lahore High Court     717

Present to: Ayesha A. Malik


 Constitution of Pakistan, 1973– —-Art. 199–NADRA (NIL) Rules, 2002–National Identity Card was legal document for identification of citizen–CNIC wrongfully mentioned name of father–Correction of office mistake–Request for correction of office mistake was not made within stipulated time–Court order was required–Validity–It was perpetuating a wrong in its own data base, which negates purpose of national identity card–NADRA was bound to maintain a correct data base and was bound to print correct information on CNIC–Since petitioner was issued a NIC in 1981 and card states his father name as Haji Channan Din and NADRA was obligated to correct any error in its data base or on CNIC it issues to citizen–At best its an internal document and cannot from the basis of denying petitioner right to have correct information maintained in citizen data base and printed on CNIC–If error was not corrected it would negate very purpose of issuing CNIC to a citizen–Delay in filing application for correction of an office mistake cannot hamper or prevent the process of actually correcting data base or CNIC–Petition was accepted.

Judgement Result: Petition disposed of