Execution of Decree Passed in UAE


Section 13 and 44-A CPC, Govt of Pakistan Law, Justice and Human Rights Division. Notification NO. SRO 208(I)/2007 dated 6-3-2007 Execution of decree passed by court in United Arab Emirates—Hierarchy of courts in UAE for purpose of section 44-A, CPC—scope—- UAE has been declared as a reciprocating state in context of section 44-A, CPC—Federal court of appeal in the UAE was a superior court for the purpose of section 44-A CPC— Decree in the present case, had been passed by the court of first instance in UAE which could neither be construed as court of appeal nor a superior court in terms of section 44-A CPC— Said decree thus could not be executed without having recourse to the process of section 13 CPC—Appeal was allowed accordingly with the observations that respondent was t liberty to institute a suit in terms of section 13 cpc

PLD 2017 SC 95

Detection of Electricity Bill

Detection of Electricity Bill

Section 24, 26-A, & 54-C of Electricity Act 1910

Detection of bill – determination — civil court / electric inspector  – jurisdiction—plaintiff assailed detection  bill issued by Electric company but trial court dismissed the suit on the plea of lack of jurisdiction – lower appellant court set aside judgment and decree passed by trial court and suit filed by plaintiff was decreed in his favor – validity – in case of theft of electricity or illegal abstraction of energy, Electric Inspector had no jurisdiction to adjudicate a dispute and jurisdiction was exclusively with civil court, which could resolve the controversy after proper appreciation of evidence produced by parties—Detection Bill issued to plaintiff was violation of natural justice, therefore the same was liable to be annulled — solitary witness produced by defendant company admitted the stance of plaintiff in his cross examination in unequivocal manner – High Court declined to interfere in judgment and decree passed by Lower appellant court – Revision was dismissed in circumstances ..

2016 CLC Note 39 Peshawar