Interim custody of minor to father in summer vacation

section 12 and 25 of Guardian and ward act– welfare of minor– interim custody of minor– fathe filed application for custody of minor gilr wherein temporary custody during summer vacations was urged which ws dismissed by the family court — father was lawful guardian of his minor child and was ordinarily entitled to his custody proced such was for the welfare of the minor– RIght of fathe to claim custody of minor ws not an absolute right and he might disentitle himself to custody on account of his conduct– custody of minor child in the present case was given to the applicant time and again but no complaint was available on record regarding misbehaviour or taken undue advantages of the court's orders — father and mother both were working paretns, therefore had equal right to have temporary cutosy of minor– applicant was depositing maintenance of the child regularly fixed by the trail court — minor daughter ws in her tender age and she required love and care of both the parents — father was entitled to spend some time with her daughter at his house during summer vacations– applicant had contracted second marriage, however his wife had filed her affidavit to the effect that she had love and affection for minor and would not cause harm to her– father sought interim custody of minor during wnter cacations which was granted but same was refused for summer vacations– family court by refusing the temporary custody misconstrued the application of father– petition was allowed.

2015 CLC 1209