Enhancement of Maintenance second suit

section 5 & 17, CPC section 11, suit for enhancement of maintenance allowance– second suit– Resjudicata– principle of — applicability— scope– Respondent filed suit for enhancement of maintenance allowance which was earlier fixed through a decree— trail court dismissed the suit whereas appellate court allowed the appeal and remanded teh suit for adjudication on merits— validity— family court act 1964 had not barred the filing of a second suit for enhancement of maintenance allowance—- second suit was only barred in cases where the matter was directly or substantially in issue in a former suit between the parties— earlier suit was for recovery of maintenance allowance but issue regarding its enhancement was neither raised nor was considered in that suit and thus was not in issue— section 11, CPC did not bar any subsequent suit, which was filed only for enhancement of maintenance allowance– appellant court had rightly remanded the case to the trial court…

2020 CLC 320 Balochistan

2005 CLC 1913

Dowry Articles receipt

section 5 family courts Act 1964

suit for recovery of dowry articles and dower— family court decreed the suit and appeal was dismissed by the appellate court— validity— not possible for wife to keep the record of purchased articles and prepare list of dowry articles and obtain signature of husband and witnesses– whoever alleged existence of a particular fact was to prove the same— solitary statement of wife was enough to prove dowry articles– when marriage had not been consummated then wife would be entitled to half of fixed dower only and remaining haled should be returned/restored to husband unless waived such right voluntarily

2020 CLC 380 Balochistan 

Forfeiture of advance money in violation of sale agreement

Advance or earnest money can be forfeited if purchaser backtracks from his contractual commitments under section 73 and 74 of contract Act and it is settled legal principle that parties may determined expected losses and agree for an amount to be paid in breach
Earnest Money is the part of purchase price when the transaction goes forward. it is forfeited when the transaction falls through by reason of fault and failure of the vendee. of contract.
2004 CLD 984, 2017 CLC Note-4 (sindh)