Pakistan Citizenship by Birth

Citizenship by Birth
Section 4 Pakistan Citizenship, NADRA ordinance section 9 and 10. Citizenship by Birth.. Nationality, award of — Authorities declined to issue computerized National Identity Card to Petitioner on the ground that his parents were Somalian Nationals— Plea raised by petitioner was that he as born educated and was residing in Pakistan— validity—No restriction existed on any individual who was born in Pakistan, despite the fact that his parents were no citizenship of Pakistan—such individual could apply for grant of citizenship by birth in terms of section 4 of Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951,,, Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan was competent authority to process the case by virtue of Application Forms in prescribed manner and an applicant was to submit details as required in said document.. Any foreigner non-citizen of Pakistan or person from any other State born in Pakistan except a refugee was entitled to the dealt under Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 subject to his claim if her/she fell within five concept provided under Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 for seeking Citizenship of Pakistan— High Court directed the petitioner to approach Federal Government along with application Form duly filled in where after the authorities would decide his application in accordance with law—constitution Petition was allowed accordingly.
2018 CLC Islamabad 1588