Revocation of Attorney through Registered Deed

Section 201 Contract Act

Attorney—- Termination of athority—- procedure—- Termination of authority of agent takes effect when it becomes known to him, or so far as regards third preson, when it become known to them—- No provision exists which requires revocation of authority only through registered deed.

2016 YLR Note 175 (Lahore)

CCTV Video Evidentiary Value

Article 164 of Qanoon Shahadat.. Close Circuit Television (CCTV) footage evidientary value.. mere producing of CCTV footage as a piece of ebidence in court is not sufficient to reply upon the same unless it is provided to be geniune– in order to prove the genuineness such footage it is incumbent upon the defence or prosecutation to examine the person who prepared such footage from the CCTC syetem.

2016 SCMR 2084