Correction / Alteration of Date of Birth

Correction / Alteration of Date of birth

Rule 12-A Civil Servant (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules 1973

Date of birth alternation … scope civil servant relying on academic certificate based on a sworn affidavit to seek change in his date of birth.. Such academic certificates could not sanctify the correct date of birth, unless material was proved before the civil court of competent, jurisdiction by recourse to a civil suit.

Civil servant relying on a medical certificate issued by a surgeon to seek change in his date of birth—Radiological reports were essential for determining the age of a person.. Medical certificate issued by a surgeon would not be of any significance, if the surgeon had not formed his opinion on the basis of Radiological reports.

Civil Servant relying on  a certificate issued by the Executive District Officer(Education) to seek change in his date of birth.. Such certificate authorizing change in date of birth had no legal sanctity nor could bind the employer organization to change and or amend the service record.

2014 SCMR 1008

Succession certificate .. Tarka

Tarka meanin g and scope of tarka… tarka had been defined as maal property which not only included property but also right to property… riht to property meant a property which was due to the deceased from anyother person, and which though not received by the deceased during his life time, but the deceased was legally entitled to raise a claim in respect of the same in his lifetime…. Tarka, thus included all moveable and immoveable properties owned and passed by the deceased at the time of his death, as well as those sums which were due to the deceased form any other person. PLD 2014 Sindh 290