Area of Practices

Intellectual property law

Intellectual Property

Iqbal International Law Services® provide complete intellectual property, copyright and other services to valued clients from filing application to getting certificate as under:-

  • Registration of GRTKF (Genetic Resources Traditional Knowledge and Folklore)
  • Objection and contesting the matter
  • Geographic Indications Registration
  • Plant Breeders Rights Registration
  • Registration of Induration Designs
  • Registration of Integrated Circuits
  • Search Certificate of Trade mark
  • Filing amended application
  • Copyright registration
  • Getting certificate
  • Patent registration
  • Filing application




property law


Iqbal International Law Services® provide the property legal services to valued clients from the purchase of the property to disposal of the property. This law include:-

  • Sale and Purchase of the Property agreements/Deeds
  • Possession and Declaration of the Title of the Property
  • Inheritance transfer and share division of the property
  • Surrender, Transfer and Relinquishment Deed
  • Registration of the Deed before sub-Registrar
  • Succession and Letter of Administration
  • Lease and sub-Lease of the property
  • Housing society Transfer/mutations
  • Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed
  • All kinds of property Deeds
  • Property Documentation
  • Mutation of the Property
  • Injunction of the suit
  • Illegal Dispossession
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Property Tax


family law

Iqbal International Law Services® deal all kinds of family cases which are filed in the family courts in original jurisdiction, its appeal and constitution Petitions in the High Court against the impugned order or judgment. Pakistan is multinational country therefore we cover all laws of Family of Muslims, Christian, Hindus, Parsi and other religion law about their marriage, Divorce, child custody and inheritance matter etc. Difference kind of agreements, settlements, child issues, property matter and legitimacy matters. We cover these matters:-

  • Appointment of Guardianship of minor property
  • Christian judicial separation and Divorce
  • Maintenance of wife and children
  • Inheritance share in the property
  • Child Marriage Restriction Laws
  • Hindu Marriage and Separation
  • International Law of Marriage
  • Muslim Marriage and Divorce
  • Court Marriage of all religions
  • Recovery of Dower Amount
  • Recovery of Dowry Articles
  • Letter of Administration
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Jactitation of Marriage
  • Succession Certificate
  • Hindu widows Rights
  • Will and Probate
  • Conjugal Rights
  • Child Adoption
  • Child Custody
  • Guardianship
  • Alimony
  • Khulla

civil lawCIVIL

Iqbal International Law Services® provide complete legal services on the civil matters which are relating to the individuals and companies. These are as under:-

  • Changing/Correction of the Name and Date of Birth
  • Permanent, Temporary and Perpetual Injunctions
  • Declaration of Title and any other documents
  • Restoration of amenity facility of the Tenant
  • Succession and Letter of Administration
  • Specific performances of agreements
  • Suit for Possession and Manse Profits
  • Recovery of Money and Damages
  • Cancellation of any Documents
  • Wills and probate declarations
  • Restoration of the service/job
  • All kinds of Writ petitions
  • Enhancement of the Rent
  • Miscellaneous Rent cases
  • Eviction of the Tenants
  • Constitution Petitions
  • Appeals and Revisions
  • Administration suits
  • Defamations Suits
  • Partition suit








corporate lawCorporate Law

Iqbal International Law Services® provide complete legal solution on corporate law from registration of the company to the winding up the company and other legal issue arises during the existence of the company and employees. These are as under:-

  • All types of cases/Application under Company Ordinance 1984
  • Appointment OD Director, Promoters and issuance of Shares
  • Registration of the Private Limited company
  • Registration of Public Limited Company
  • Searching the Name of the Company
  • Joint venture with other companies
  • Transfer and issuing of the shares
  • Sole-Proprietorship Business
  • National Tax Number (NTN)
  • Imports and exports issues
  • Service and Labor matters
  • Appeals and writ petitions
  • Declaration of Insolvency
  • Winding up the company
  • Income Tax and Sales Tax
  • Registration in Sales Tax
  • Settlement of Account
  • Declaration matter
  • Firm Registration
  • Recovery matters