Right of Mother to custody of infant children

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Right of Mother to custody of infant children

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Right of Mother to custody of infant children
under section 352 of the Muhammedan law The mother is entitled to the custody (hizanat) of her male child until he has omcpleted the age of seven years and of her female child until she has attained puberty. The right continues through she is divorced by the father of the child. unless she marries a second husband in which case the custody belongs to the fahter.
section 33, 352, 354 Ijma, Kiyas, Prohibited defree. Hizanat Immoral life. Even teh Holy Quran makes it obligatory upon the parents and guardians of orphans to keep the property of children under strict supervision and should be handover to them only when they come of age and Chapter 4, Verse 6 further puts an obligation on the guardian that before handing over property they must be tested that they have acquired the maturity of intellect along with puberty, therefore, the Holy Quran guarantees the rights and protection of children and make it obligatory upon the parents society State or Court which represent the state and socity
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