Hindu Law of Inheritance 1929

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Hindu Law of Inheritance 1929

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Hindu Law of Inheritance 1929

This law, the Hindu Law of Inheritance Amendment act (II of 1929) apply only to person who, but for the passing of this Act, would have been subject to the law of Mitakshara in respect of provision herein enacted and it applied to such person in respect only of the property of males not held in coparcenary and not dispose of by will.

A son’s daughter, daughter’s daughter, sister and sister’s son shall in the order so specified be entitled to rank in the order of succession next after a father’s father and before father’s brothers:
A sister’s son shall not include a son adopted after the sister death.
Nothing shall affect

1. Affect and special family or local custom having the force of law or

2. Vest in a son’s daughter, daughter’s daughter or sister an estate larger than or different in kind from that possessed by a female in property inherited by her from a male according to the school of Mitakshara law by which the male was governed or

3. Enable more than one person to succeed by inheritance to the estate of a deceased Hindu male which by a customary or other rule of succession descends to single heir.
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