Maintenance of the Hindu Wife

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Maintenance of the Hindu Wife

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Maintenance of the Hindu Wife

if the Hindu wife find the one or more then one grounds of the judicial separation , she can get the maintenance from his husband.
If Court pass the decree of separation on the ground that husband is
(a).suffering loathsome disease
(b)guilty of cruelty toward his wife
(c)if remarry again
(d)if he cease to be Hindu by conversion to another religion
(e)if he keeps a concubine in the house
(f)habitually resides with a concubine
(g)or any judicial and justified ground which court may think fit and proper for allowing the decree

when allowing the claim for separate residence and maintenance under section 2 of The Hindu Married Women Right to Separate Residence and Maintenance Act 1946 the court shall determine the amount to be paid by the husband to the wife therefore. And in so doing shall have regard to the social standing of the parties and the extent of husband' mean.
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