Christian Marriage Registration

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Christian Marriage Registration

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Christian Marriage Registration
Section 5 of Christian marriage Act 1872, deals only with the ceremony of marriage and person who may perform it and not with the capacity of the person on whom it is performed or with the capacity of a person who performs it, save as it express therein. Every marriage between person one or both of whom is or area Christian or Christians is to be solemnized in accordance with the provision of section 5 and any such marriage solemnized other than in accordance with such provisions is void. Marriage under the Christian Marriage Act primarily is a union between two sui juris individuals the non performance of rituals would not invalidate the marriage particularly when the person who performed the marriage had placed on record the requisite authorization. No religion would allow a hateful under which is not based on true consent of parties especially in Christian Marriage Act, 1872 where marriage is a sacrament and at the time of marriage both parties vow to stand together to sorrow and happiness till death would depart them.
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