Concept of Marriage and Family in Islam

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Concept of Marriage and Family in Islam

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Concept of Marriage and Family in Islam
Islam forbids sexual relationship outside marriage bond and considers it a grave offence against the society. Marriage establishes a firm bond of love, confidence, affection and mutual trust. Both of them build up marital life on the basis of mutual trust and understanding. Holy Quran describes the relationship between the spouses as raiment worn to cover the body and says that “women were your garments and men are their apparel” which would mean that husband and wife are like body and garments to cover each other. Said Ayyat of Holy Qur’an signifies close relationship of the two sexes in the spiritual sense, further it refers that they should protect each other’s privacy and cover each other’s short comings and secrets. Islam condemns all acts of mistrust, allegations and disobediences of husband. Wife should be obedient and guardian of her husband, she should not become fault finder, malignant critic, but should be conniving at his faults and should never stigmatize the husband on hearsay information, and she should try to build up gaiety and happy social life. Righteous woman guards the sanctity of the bond of marriage and protects her and husband’s chastity and virtues, guards her honour of him and to be faithful to him which also would include guarding secrets of husband because being close contact, she learn the most private and concealed facts of his life, which if brought to public would disgrace and ruin his life. In Islam, it was binding upon the wife to guard secrets of her husband. Muslim family law, attaches great importance to the sanctity of marriage, it enjoins the Muslims to strengthen their relationship and make marriage a success.
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