Void (Batil) Marriage

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Void (Batil) Marriage

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This kind of marriage is prohibited degree of blood relatives, prohibited relationship by affinity, relationship by fosterage, illicit sexual impropriety, remarriage to a triply divorced wife and differences of religion.
Batil marriage relatives to the prohibitions which stem from consanguinity. In outline the rules prohibit a man from marrying his own ascendants or descendants or his fathers or mothers descendants i.e his sister and her descendants. A complete list of the prohibitory degrees indicates that here is permanent impediment of marriage between a man and
(i) His mother and all female ascendants
(ii) His daughter and all female descendants
(iii) His sister whether germane consanguine or uterine
(iv) His paternal aunt and the paternal aunt of any ascendant
(v) His maternal aunt and any maternal aunt of any ascendant
(vi) His brother’s daughter of whatever degree of descent
(vii) His sisters daughter of whatever degree of descent
The only immediate relatives with whom the man is free to marry are his mother’s brother’s/ sister’s daughter and his father’s brother’s/sister’s daughter i.e. his cousins. Such marriage are of frequent occurrence in Indian subcontinents especially in Pakistan.
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