Importance of Nikahnama

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Importance of Nikahnama

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Importance of Nikahnama
Nikahnama is very important for the rights protection of the women. But unfortunately the women are not aware about the importance of Nikahnama and that is why it is not filled accurately and fully. Its few column are filled and rest of are left blank. That is why the women have to face many probelem after the marraige. If this documents is prepared with care, fully and properly then the women can enjoy full their matrimonial right which have given by the law.

It is our big tragedy that the women are not aware about this documents and moreover it is prepared and filled by less educated nikah registar or other persons who either don't know about the importance of Nikahnma or deliberately neglect to complete the nikahnama fully.These are the rights of the women which law has given to them about the marriage, dower, husband second marraige, dowry articles, gift item, permission form arbitration council, terms and conditions of the marriage, monthly expenses and maintenance and as well about the delegated power of the divorce.

The nikahnama have 25 coloums in which 10 columns which are from 13 to 22 totally for the benefit, welfare of the women and for the protection of the women legal and matrimonial rights. But unfortunately these columns are hardly filled and care cut crossed during the nikah. It is very pity that due to ignorance and due to unaware about the law and the terms and conditions and rights of the nikah these columns are left blank. Resultly the majority of the cases comes in the court. The women have to approach to the court for their right. It is little ignorance if the women or their parents realize these importance things and fill the nikahnama completely and fully then after the marriage the women can enjoy full legal rights which they have ever.It is essential documents therefore, every women have to study and see this documents before the marriage and bound to the Nikah Registarar to compelete fill the Nikahnama with all rights. So that the women can enjoy all legal right which actually law want to give them.
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