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Fencing. —
(1) In every factory the following shall be kept adequately fenced, namely : —
(a) every exposed moving part of a prime-mover and every flywheel directly connected to a prime-mover,
(b) every hoist or lift, hoist-well or lift-well, and every trap-door or similar opening near which any person may have to work or pass, and
(c) every part of the machinery which the Provincial Government may prescribe.
(2) If it appears to the Inspector that any other part of the machinery in a factory is dangerous if not adequately fenced, he may serve on the manager of the factory an order in writing, specifying the measures which in his opinion should be adopted, and requiring them to be carried out before a specified date.
(3) All fencing required by or under this section or under sub-section (1) of section 26 shall be maintained in an efficient state at all times when the workers have access to the parts required to be fenced except where they are under repair or are under examination in connection with repair or are necessarily exposed for the purpose of cleaning or lubricating or altering the gearing or arrangements of the machinery.
(4) Such further provisions as may be prescribed shall be made for the protection from danger of persons employed in attending to the machinery in a factory.
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