Powers of Director-General

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Powers of Director-General

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Delegation of Power to Director-General to receive and dispose of application.

(1) The Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette delegate its power under Section 12 to the Director-General or any other officer:

Provided that an appeal shall lie to the Federal Government taken after the appellant has been afforded an opportunity of being heard, from an order passed by the Director-General or any other officer in exercise of the power delegated to him, and the decision of the Federal Government shall, subject to sub-section (2), be final.

(2) The Federal Government may review its decision under sub-section (1) and the decision of the Federal Government in review shall be final:
Provided that, before a decision is taken in review, the licensee to whom the decision relates shall be afforded an opportunity of being heard.

(3) The Director-General shall maintain, in such form as may be prescribed a register of the names of all persons to whom licences have been granted under sub-section (2) of section 12.
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