Surrender of Cards

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Surrender of Cards

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Surrender of Cards:
(1) in case of the death of any holder of card or certificate issued under this ordinance his card or certificate shall be surrendered or given upon to the District Registrar or any other person or authority prescribed by regulations by the spouse heir, next of kin, parent or guardian as the case may be, of such holder with sixty days of such death.

(2) The holder of a card who ceases to be eligible to hold such card or whose card becomes invalid in accordance with the terms and conditions of his card or under the provisions of this Ordinance or any rules or regulations made thereunder shall surrender or give up his card to the District Registrar or any other person or authority prescribed by regulations within such period of this so ceasing to be eligible or his card becoming invalid as may be prescribed.

(3) The authority shall issue such receipt in relation to the card or certificate surrendered under this section in such form and manner and containing such informations relating to the person whose card or certificate has been surrendered as may be prescribed.

(4) A receipt issued under sub section (3) shall be admissible in evidence for the purpose of proving the information or particulars contained in such receipt relating to the person to whom such receipt relates.
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