Adjournment Cost

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Adjournment Cost

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Under section 35A of CPC
(Amended as per Cost of Litigant Act 2017 only for Islamabad)
lf, on the date fixed the hearing in any proceedings, a party to the proceedings or any other person, despite service of notice, fails to appear or comply with any order of the Court or mandatory provision of the Code or any other law for the time being in force, seeks an adjournment for such purpose, the Court shall, for sufficient cause and reasons to be recorded, grant such adjournment on the condition that such party or person shall pay to the€ other party, costs of adjournment which shall not b€ less than five thousand Rupees per adjournment or such higher amount as may be prescribed from time to time:
Provided that if the Court is satisfied that the adjournment being sought is on account of unavoidable reasons beyond the control of the party concerned, which reasons shall be recorded by the Court, the Court may grant adjournment without imposing adjoummentcosts:
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