Injured Person Medical Aid

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Injured Person Medical Aid

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Injured Person medical Aid
(Under Sindh Injured Persons (Medical Aid) Act, 2014)
Where an injured person is brought to a hospital, he shall be provided medical aid without delay on priority basis over all other medico-legal formalities.
No police official or officer shall interrupt or interfere during the period an injured person is under treatment in a hospital except with the written permission of the Incharge of the hospital:
Provided that such permission shall not be given unless it is necessary in connection with an investigation which may be carried out in the hospital so long as the injured person is under treatment.
Where an injured person requires emergency treatment or operation, the doctor treating or operating the injured person shall not wait for the consent of the relatives:
Provided that if the relatives are present it would be preferable that such treatment or operation may be carried out with the consent of such relatives.
An injured person shall not be shifted from a hospital until he is stabilized or the requisite treatment is not available in such hospital and while shifting him to another hospital, the doctor concerned shall complete the relevant documents with regard to the clinical conditions of the patient and handover such documents to the concerned doctor of the receiving hospital.
The record referred to in sub-section(1) shall be maintained by the referring hospital as well as the receiving hospital and the Incharge of the hospital shall be responsible for ensuring that such record is kept in a safe custody where it can not be tempered with:
Provided that where necessary, an injured person shall not be shifted unless he is accompanied by a doctor of the referring hospital.
Government shall, by notification in the official Gazette, notify the Government hospitals having in-patient beds and also having facilities to deal with the emergencies to provide medical aid and treatment to the injured persons:
Provided that in areas where above referred facility is not available, a rural health center established by Government or a local government in that area having facility to deal with the emergencies, may be notified as hospital for the purposes of this Act.
Under no circumstances an injured person be taken to a police station before necessary medical aid and treatment is given.
The police officer is bound to ensure that the injured person is treated in a hospital as provided in this Act before any medico-legal procedure is undertaken and he shall not in any way influence the doctor or to give any opinion about the type and details of injury of the injured person.
A person who brings an injured person to a hospital on humanitarian basis, in particular in traffic accident cases, shall not be harassed and shall be shown due respect and acknowledged for helping the injured. He shall be allowed to leave the hospital after taking down his name, address, telephone number and shall provide a copy of his Computerized National Identity Card within three days, if the same is not immediately available with him or any other proof to the satisfaction of Incharge of the hospital:
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