Registrar not to accept defective documents

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Registrar not to accept defective documents

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Registrar not to accept defective documents.-

(1) No document shall be accepted for registration, filing or record by the registrar concerned, an additional

registrar, a joint registrar, a deputy registrar or an assistant registrar if in his opinion, such document—

(a) contains any matter contrary to the law, or does not otherwise comply with the requirements of the law;

(b) is not complete owing to any defect, error or omission;

(c) is insufficiently legible or is written upon paper which is not durable; or

(d) is not properly authenticated.

(2) If a document is found defective or incomplete as specified in clause (1), the registrar concerned may require the company to rectify the defect and file a revised document in the form and within the period to be specified by him or refuse to accept or register such document until the defect has been rectified or, as the case may be, the document has been completed.

(3) If a document has been accepted for record and its data is detected to be defective, forged or suffering from a defect which is not possible of rectification, the registrar concerned may for special reasons to be recorded in writing, ask the company to rectify the document and may cancel the recording thereof, as may be necessary.
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