Period for payment of dividend.

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Period for payment of dividend.

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Period for payment of dividend. -

(1) When a dividend has been declared, it shall not be lawful for the directors or the company to with-hold or defer its payment and the chief executive of the company shall be responsible to make the payment in the manner provided in section 250 within forty-five days of the declaration in the case of a listed company and within thirty days in the case of any other company.

Explanation.- Dividend shall be deemed to have been declared on the date of the general meeting in case of a dividend declared or approved in the general meeting and on the date of commencement of closing of share transfer for purposes of determination of entitlement of dividend in the case of an interim dividend and where register of members is not closed for such purpose, on the date on which such dividend is approved by the directors.

(2) Where a dividend has been declared by a company but is not paid within the period specified in sub-section (1), the chief executive of the company shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and with fine which may extend to one million rupees:

Provided that no offence shall be deemed to have been committed within the meaning of the foregoing provisions in the following cases, namely -

(a) where the dividend could not be paid by reason of the operation of any law;

(b) where a shareholder has given directions to the company regarding the payment of the dividend and those directions cannot be complied with;

(c) where there is a dispute regarding the right to receive the dividend;

(d) where the dividend has been lawfully adjusted by the company against any sum due to it from the shareholder; or

(e) where, for any other reason, the failure to pay the dividend or to post the warrant within the period aforesaid was not due to any default on the part of the company; and

the Commission has, on an application of the company on the prescribed form made within forty-five days from the date of declaration of the dividend, and after providing an opportunity to the shareholder or person who may seem to be entitled to receive the dividend of making representation against the proposed action, permitted the company to withhold or defer payment as may be ordered by the Commission.

(3) A chief executive convicted under subsection (2) shall from the day of the conviction cease to hold the office of chief executive of the company and shall not, for a period of five years from that day, be eligible to be the chief executive or a director of that company or any other company.
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