Documents of companies are Preserved permanantly

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Documents of companies are Preserved permanantly

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1. Certified copy of order of the Commission confirming alteration of memorandum and a printed copy of the memorandum so altered (section 24).

2. Memorandum and articles for registration of a new company [section 30 (1)].

3. Declaration of compliance with requirements of the Ordinance [section 30 (2)].

4. Prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus by a private company altering the articles of association for converting itself into a public company (section 45).

5. Prospectus by a public company (section 57).

6. Statement in lieu of prospectus by a company which does not issue prospectus (section 69).

7. Notice of consolidation or division of share capital (sections 92 and 93).

8. Notice of increase of share capital (section 94).

9. Notice of increase in members (section 94).

10. Order of Court confirming reduction of share capital and certified copy of the order and minute (section 102).

11. Copy of order of Court regarding cancellation of variation of shareholders' rights (section 108).

12. Statement showing particulars of mortgages, etc. (sections 121, 129 and 463).

13. Statement showing particular of charge on property acquired subject to charge (sections 122 and 463).

14. Statement showing particulars of modification of charge [sections 129 (3) and 463].

15. Notice of appointment of receiver or manager (section 137).

16. Abstract of receiver's accounts (section 138).

17. Memorandum of satisfaction redemption, etc., of charge (sections 132 and 133).

18. Notice of situation of registered office and any change therein (section 142).

19. Notice and Court order of rectification of register of members (section 152).

20. Statutory report (section 157).

21. Special resolutions, etc., filed under section 172.

22. Resolution regarding investment in associated companies (section 208).

23. One copy of annual balance sheet, profit and loss accounts and other related reports filed under section 242.

24. Report of Inspectors and other papers relating to matters connected therewith (section 269).

25. Copy of order of Court regarding compromises and arrangements with creditors and members and copy of orders in appeal [section 284 (3)].

26. Copy of order of Court relating to reconstruction and amalgamation of companies [section 287 (3)].

27. Notice to dissenting shareholders (section 289).

28. Copy of orders of Court on application for prevention of mis -management, minority oppression, etc., under section 290 or 291.

29. Statement of unclaimed dividends and undistributed assets (section 432).
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