Appointment on Probation

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Appointment on Probation

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Probation Appointment.
(1) An initial appointment to a service or post referred to in section 5. not being an ad hoc appointment, shall be on probation as may be prescribed.
(2) Any appointment of a civil servant by promotion or transfer to a service or post may also be made in probation as may be prescribed.
Where, in respect of any service or post, the satisfactory completion of probation includes the passing of a prescribed examination, test or course or successful completion of any training, a person appointed on probation to such service or post who, before the expiry of the original or extended period of his probation has failed to pass such examination or test or to successfully complete course or the training shall, except as may be prescribed otherwise,--
(a) if he was appointed to such service or post by initial recruitment, be discharged ; or
(b) if he was appointed to such service or post by promotion or transfer, be reverted to the service or post from which he was promoted or transferred and against which he holds a lien or, if there be no such service or post, be discharged :
Provided that, in the case of initial appointment to a service or post, a civil servant shall not be deemed to have completed his period of probation satisfactorily until his character and antecedents have been verified as satisfactory in the opinion of the appointing authority.
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