Eviction of guests from hotel under Cantonment Rent Law

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Eviction of guests from hotel under Cantonment Rent Law

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Eviction of guests from hotels, etc.-
(l) Except as hereinafter provided, no guest shall be evicted from a hotel or lodging house or refused board or other services so longs as he pays or is ready and willing to pay the fair rates.
(2) If the Controller is satisfied that: -
(a) a guest in a hotel or lodging-house has been guilty of conduct which is a nuisance or source of annoyance to other guests or persons living in the neighbourhood; or
(b) the accommodation he occupies is required by the owner or manager of the hotel or lodging-house.
The Controller may, if he considers that the requirement is genuine and reasonable, make an order authorising the owner or manager, as the case may be, to recover possession of the accommodation or part thereof occupied by such guest:
Provided that no such order shall be made unless the guest has been given a reasonable opportunity to show cause why such order should not be made:
Provided further that where other is an agreement for the stay of the guest for a specified period, he shall not be evicted before the expiry of that period.
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