Fixation of fair rates under Cantonment Rent Law

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Fixation of fair rates under Cantonment Rent Law

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Fixation of fair rates. -
(l) The Controller may fix fair rates to be charged for board, lodging and other services provided in a hotel or boarding-house, at such amount as having regard to all the circumstances, he deems just.

(2) A fair rate may be fixed separately for daily and monthly guests.
Explanation. A guest who agrees to reserve accommodation for a period of one month or more shall be deemed to be a monthly guest and where the reservation is not for any specified period, or is for a period of less than one month, the guest shall be deemed to be a daily guest.

(3) The Controller may from time to time revise the fair rates determined by him under this section:
Provided that in case of reservation under an agreement or otherwise for a specified period no revision of fair rates shall be applicable.

(4) The Controller may also fix the minimum number of guests to be accommodated in each room or other unit of accommodation in a hotel or lodging-house:
Provided that where accommodation in a hotel or lodging house is in the occupation of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, the appropriate authority of the Armed Forces shall be given an opportunity to state facts and its views with regard to the determination of fair rates before such rates are fixed:
Provided further that the Controller shall be empowered to fix fair rates for hotels, boarding-houses, lodging-houses and dak bungalows under the control of the Armed Forces or meant exclusively for the use of the Personnel of the Armed Forces.
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