Increase of fair rent under Cantonmnet Rent Law

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Increase of fair rent under Cantonmnet Rent Law

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Increase of fair rent in certain cases. -

(l) Where the fair rent of the building has once been fixed under Section 7, it shall not be increased with or without the consent of the tenant unless some addition, improvement or alteration otherwise than by way of ordinary or usual repair has been made in the building at the landlord's expense and, if the building be in the occupation of a tenant, at the tenant's request in writing, or unless a new tax has been imposed or an existing tax has been increased.

(2) Every dispute between a landlord and his tenant relating to the increase of rent under sub-section (1) shall be decided by the Controller:
Provided that the Controller shall in no case allow any increase beyond seven and a half per centum of the cost of the addition, improvement or alteration made in the building or, beyond the amount of the additional tax payable by the landlord, as the case may be.
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