Condition of Marriage under special marriage Act

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Condition of Marriage under special marriage Act

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Condition of Marriage under special marriage Act
Condition upon which marriages under Act may be celebrated.
Marriages may be celebrated under special marriage Act 1872 between persons neither of whom professes the Christian or the Jewish or the Hindu or the Muhammandan or the Parsi or the BUddist or the Sikh or the Jaina religion or between person each of whom professes one or other of the following religions that is to say the Hindu, Buddist, Sikh or Jaina religion upon the following condition
(1) Neither party must at the time of the marriage have a husband or wife living.
(2) The man must have completed his age of eighteen years and the woman her age of fourteen years accordingly to the Gregorian calendar
(3) Each party must if he or she has not completed the age of twenty one years have obtained the consent of his or her father or guardian of the marriage.
(4) The parties must not be related to each other in any degree of consanguinity or affinity which would accordingly to any law of which either of them is subject render a marriage between them illegal.
1st Proviso: Nno such law or custom other than one relating to consanguinity or affinity shall prevent them from marrying,
2nd Provisio: No law or custom as to consanguinity shall prevent them from marrying unless a relationship can be traced between the parties through some common ancestor who stand to each of them in great grandfather or unless one of the parties is the lineal ancestor or the brother or sister of some lineal ancestor of the other.
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