Talaq (Divorce) via SMS and Email

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Talaq (Divorce) via SMS and Email

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Talaq (Divorce) via SMS and Email
A husband can divorce his wife by sending an SMS through a cell phone.
UAE, Kuwait and Malaysia are in favour of using technology to terminate a marriage. This method of ending a marriage holds good only under the Sharia. It has to be confirmed by a Sharia court with both the man and woman present.
The intention of divorce can also be sent by e-mail or by phone. Islamic scholars believe that if the internet has changed the way people are courting, it can also be used to pronounce 'talaq' or divorce.
According to Sharia court, husbands can also send written letters to their wives stating that they have been divorced.
Another means of divorce is by telling the wife over the phone.
If a man divorces his wife by any of these means, she can approach the court with a separation case. But the court will not approve the divorce, if the man denies that he had used any of the above-mentioned methods to divorce.
But if the man admits in front of the judge that he has used any of the above-mentioned methods to divorce, the necessary process of divorce will commence.
However, a Muslim man can end his marriage by telling his wife, "I divorce you" three times.
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